Foot smelling fetish is a type of sexual fetish involving a person's attraction to the odors of feet, often to a degree that it becomes a fixation or obsession. It is a form of olfactophilia, which is a type of sexual attraction associated with body odors. Foot smelling fetish can manifest itself in many different ways, from the desire to simply smell fresh, clean feet, to a fixation with the sweaty and ripe odors of feet.


People with foot-smelling fetishes may have a preference for a certain type of foot odor, such as a sweet and pungent smell, or a pleasant and slightly musky scent. Others may even be more aroused by the more intense smells of foot sweat.

Foot smelling fetishists may find themselves becoming aroused by simply seeing someone else’s feet, or even just thinking about them. They may also experience arousal when they come in contact with or handle a person’s feet, and may even devote time to rubbing, licking, and kissing feet.

Foot smelling fetishists can experience a range of intense, pleasurable emotions when they get to experience their fetish, such as excitement, joy, and even physical and mental stimulation. They may also be drawn to the opportunity to express their own sexuality and explore their own body in ways they haven’t before.

Foot smelling fetishism is a highly individualized form of sexual expression, and it’s important to recognize that everyone has different preferences and interests. No matter what type of foot aroma someone is attracted to, understanding and acceptance of this fetish is key for a healthy and enjoyable experience.

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