Shoeplay is a type of fetish play involving the use of one’s feet and shoes. It is a subset of foot fetishism and encompasses a variety of activities and practices. Shoeplay can range from the simple act of admiring and caressing one’s own shoes or someone else’s, to more elaborate and intimate activities such as foot massages, tickling, and rubbing one’s socks and feet against another person’s body.


The term “shoeplay” was first used in the early 2000s, as the popularity of foot fetishism spread around the world. Since then, the fetish has been growing in popularity and is now featured in many videos, both amateur and professional. These videos often showcase the models’ feet and shoes in various sexual and intimate scenarios.

Shoeplay videos can range from the simple and sensual, such as a model caressing her own shoes, to the more daring and kinky, such as two models rubbing their feet and shoes together. In some cases, people will even go as far as to wear high heels and stockings for the purpose of shoeplay.

Shoeplay can be seen in which one model will take off her shoes and use them as a sort of plaything. She may rub her shoes up and down her body, or use them to massage or caress her partner’s body. In some videos, the model will even use her shoe to enter her partner in a very intimate and sexual way.

Foot worship is another popular activity seen in shoeplay videos. This involves one partner worshipping the other’s feet and shoes. The worshiper may caress and kiss the model’s feet and shoes, or even lick and suck on them. The worshiper may also massage the model’s feet and toes, or even use their own feet to massage the model’s body.

Shoeplay can also include a variety of different activities, such as cleaning and shining the shoes, or using them to tickle and tease one another. In some videos, the models may even use their shoes to spank one another for added pleasure.

Shoeplay videos can be found throughout the internet, including on several dedicated fetish sites, as well as YouTube and other video streaming sites. However, it is important to note that many of these videos are often explicit in nature, and can be considered NSFW by some people.

Shoeplay is a fun and exciting activity for those who enjoy foot fetishes and have an interest in exploring the different types of activities involved. It can be a great way to explore one’s sexuality and to add some spice to a relationship. With the right partner, shoeplay can be a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

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