Olivia O'Lovely was born a simple country girl, raised on a little farmstead in the lowlands of Missouri. She had never seen anything except the deep, lush fields of corn and wheat, the sprawling pastures of grazing cattle, and the occasional visiting celebrity from the big city of St. Louis. All of which, she could only dream of getting away from and moving towards the glamour and excitement of the city.


The thought that she, too, could someday become a star - a famous actress or some such - had always been a secret dream of hers, and one she kept close to her heart. But she was a realist, and she knew that it was an impossible goal.

Still, that didn't mean she couldn't dream, right? So she fantasized about it, imagining herself walking the red carpets and gracing magazine covers, and turning heads all over town.

But these fantasies were just that - fantasies. She knew she'd never make it that far, and so instead she took to dreaming of lesser glories. All the same, she tucked her dream away in her heart, where it could safely remain.

One day, however, Olivia's life changed in an unexpected way. She had been approached by a producer from a movie set, who said that he had seen something in her he thought would be perfect for the part. Olivia had been skeptical at first, but before she knew it, she had found herself on set, wearing a skimpy little outfit and trying desperately not to look as out of place as she felt.

And that's how it came to be that Olivia O'Lovely became a porn star - a famous one at that.

At first, it was quite a shock. She hadn't expected it to happen so quickly, and she certainly hadn't expected the magnitude of the fame that would come with it. But before long, it seemed like everyone had heard of her and wanted to see her in action.

The attention was both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it was flattering to know that so many people wanted to watch her - and even a bit thrilling - but on the other, it meant that she had to be careful about how she conducted herself in public, lest she becomes a laughing stock.

Fortunately, she had an entourage of sorts - her producers and directors, agents and PR people - who guided her in the ways of fame, and helped to ensure that she stayed out of trouble.

But even with their guidance, it was a daunting experience. Everywhere she went, people stared, and even when her films weren't playing in theaters, there were always gossip columns dedicated to her and her life.

Still, Olivia managed to stay out of too much trouble, and eventually, she even started to enjoy the fame and its perks. She loved the money that came with it, the clothes and jewelry, the swanky parties and celebrity events.

But she also found a strange appeal in her newfound lifestyle - the freedom to be whoever she wanted to be, and the power she now held over her audiences. It was an intoxicating combination, and it quickly became her favorite escape.

Olivia had finally made it - she was a star.